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  • How a Banking Lawyer Can Help with Your Banking Dispute

    Posted By The Mirkhan Law Firm || 27-Jul-2016

    Any business or corporation that intends to expand its brand or grow its market share must, at one point or another, begin to concern itself with its financial institution in more detail. Rather than working with a bank solely to handle your transactions, whether your business is selling or buying, you may need to rely on your bank to also provide commercial loans, in-depth financial analyses, and ...
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  • How Do You Prove Theft of Intellectual Property?

    Posted By The Mirkhan Law Firm || 21-Jan-2016

    Intellectual property is the lifeblood of many successful businesses and corporations. Without the ability to exclude others from profiting off names, symbols, inventions, designs, and other creations of the mind, businesses could suffer from unfair competition and lose the ability to reap maximum benefit from their own original idea. In order to protect trade secrets and other forms of ...
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  • Lawsuits 101: A Basic Overview of the Business Litigation Process

    Posted By The Mirkhan Law Firm || 18-Aug-2015

    Many people who are facing lawsuits are unfamiliar with the process and have questions about how they should prepare. Below, we have briefly outlined the basic process of litigation to give our clients a general idea of what they can expect. Remember that half the battle is choosing a qualified and reputable attorney to represent your case. They can help ensure each of the steps are handled ...
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  • California Unfair Competition Law (UCL)

    Posted By Mehrshad Mirkhan || 3-Mar-2015

    Competition is a normal part of running a business; however, there is such a thing as “unfair competition.” When another business crosses the legal line in an attempt to get ahead of your business, you have every right to take legal action against them. California’s “unfair competition law” (UCL) is found in California Business and Professions Code § 17200 et. ...
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  • US Supreme Court Overturns International Copyright Laws

    Posted By The Mirkhan Law Firm || 28-Mar-2013

    On Tuesday, the Supreme Court ruled that any goods made and sold outside the U.S., can be resold in the United States without violating any copyright laws. The issue arose when a USC student from Thailand was found to be selling textbooks that his family had purchased at a lower rate in his home country. The student was able to support himself through college by selling these textbooks on Ebay. ...
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  • Fraud in the context of Business Litigation

    Posted By Los Angeles Civil Litigation Attorney || 23-Oct-2012

    Fraud is a generic term that can have multiple meanings in different contexts. To legal professionals, fraud has several meanings depending on the context that is used. For example, a fraudulent activity employed against consumers as a group, is classified as "Consumer Fraud". On the other hand, Fraud in the context of business litigation is generally referred to as "Business ...
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  • Why you need a Business Litigation Lawyer

    Posted By Los Angeles Civil Litigation Attorney || 10-Oct-2012

    Business Litigation Lawyers primarily concentrate their practice in the area of Business disputes. But the main question that many business owners fail to correctly answer, concerns the purpose and role of business litigation lawyers. Indeed, this relatively simple question might be more difficult to answer than its appearance suggests. For many business owners, the first thought that comes to ...
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  • The Effect of the Release of Apple iPhone 5 on Business Litigation

    Posted By Los Angeles Civil Litigation Attorney || 17-Sep-2012

    The release of the Apple iPhone 5 could have a major impact on Business Litigation for years to come. Business Litigation is often a product of the business environment existing at a particular timeframe. Just like the smartphone business where competitors view each new product as a possible candidate for an Unfair Competition claim, a trend is emerging among most businesses to carefully monitor ...
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  • Contract Interference and Business Litigation in California

    Posted By Los Angeles Civil Litigation Attorney || 9-Sep-2012

    Another major area of practice that forms a large part of business litigation cases in California is referred to as Contract Interference with a legitimate business operation. Contract Interference occurs when an individual or an entity unlawfully attempts to interfere with the business contracts of another individual or entity. This happens fairly often in the context of business competition when ...
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  • Breach of Contract in the Context of Business Litigation

    Posted By Los Angeles Civil Litigation Attorney || 2-Sep-2012

    Almost all Business Litigation cases have a tendency to involve a breach of contract issue. Accordingly, Contract law plays an extremely important role in Business Litigation. Businesses operate under their contract with different entities and in a business environment, contracts are the documents that define the scope and range of proper conduct. The majority of business disputes also arise when ...
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  • The Role of Los Angeles Business Litigation Lawyers

    Posted By Los Angeles Civil Litigation Attorney || 23-Aug-2012

    Business Litigation Lawyers specialize in disputes between businesses and/or disputes that concern business issues. These types of disputes are fairly common and usually occur between businesses. A responsible business owner is fully aware of the true value of his or her business. A business does not come into existence out of thin air. Every successful business is a product of lots of hard work, ...
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  • Understanding the Scope of Business Litigation

    Posted By San Diego Civil Litigation Attorney || 10-Aug-2012

    Business litigation has become as much a part of corporate America as enterprise itself. Business litigation goes far beyond one company taking another company to court over a business dispute. Business litigation is all about protecting a company's interests, their intellectual property, their business ideas, their rights, the hard work they have invested in bringing their company/brand name ...
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  • Former Nursing School Administrator Sues for Wrongful Termination & Defamation

    Posted By Mirkhan Law Firm || 5-Mar-2012

    The former administrator for a nursing school campus in Van Nuys is now suing his former employer for wrongful discharge and defamation, claiming that he was fire for exposing illegal conduct by school officials. The man filed a complaint on Tuesday and is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages. The school officials declined to comment at this time. According to the former ...
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  • What We Mean By Business Law

    Posted By Mirkhan Law Firm || 25-Jan-2011

    The term business law is sufficiently overbroad to encompass several different subfields. In its most generic sense, business law refers to the legal issues confronting businesses. However, businesses are no different than individuals in many respects and therefore the legal issues confronting them could be extensive. In order to help us divide this vast legal field, it is best to divide business ...
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  • About the Need for Legal Representation

    Posted By Mirkhan Law Firm || 20-Jan-2011

    In today's complex world, the need for legal representation is becoming increasingly vital to any individual or business. Perhaps in the past it might have been much easier to conduct business without necessarily having an attorney. However, in today's business environment, having legal representation is part of any good business practice. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals and even ...
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  • Welcome to Our Business Litigation Blog!

    Posted By Mirkhan Law Firm || 19-Jan-2011

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our business litigation blog. Here, you will find valuable information regarding headline making news, updates with our firm and much, much more. We encourage you to check back regularly to stay informed. If you would like to discuss your case personally with a member of our firm, you don't have to waste a moment. Just pick up the phone and contact us ...
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