Los Angeles Commercial Lending Lawyer

Commercial Lending Disputes & Regulations in California

Oftentimes, it is a commercial loan that allows a business owner to open shop, purchase much-needed equipment, or expand his or her business. Commercial loans are extended to smaller businesses, large corporations, commercial property owners, real estate developers and others. Lenders are required to comply with certain state and federal regulations, which are meant to ensure that these financial institutions are dealing fairly and honestly with borrowers. This, however, has not stopped some lenders from violating these rules and engaging in deceptive lending practices, which is commonly referred to as "predatory lending."

There are a number of things that can lead to disputes between commercial lenders and their borrowers, including unfair lending practices, errors associated with the loan paperwork, failure to carry out terms of the loan agreement, etc. Our Los Angeles commercial lending lawyers at The Mirkhan Law Firm represent commercial borrowers in these types of disputes. We can help borrowers analyze their loan terms and determine the best approach for resolving disputes with their lenders, whether that involves negotiating with the lender or filing a civil lawsuits against that institution. We can also help clients defend themselves when they are sued by their lenders.

Types of Commercial Lending Disputes

These are just a few of the many different types of commercial lending disputes:

  • Allegations that the lender carried out discrimination against the borrower or prospective borrower (violations of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act)
  • Disputes concerning whether or not the lender has a right to carry out a foreclosure on a commercial property that was purchased with a commercial mortgage loan
  • Asset-based lending disputes
  • Alleged breaches of the loan contract
  • Disputes over the basic facts concerning the loan debt, such as the loan amount, the payment history, or interest fees
  • Allegations of predatory lending: failure to provide adequate disclosure, the charging of hidden or unearned fees, the use of inflated interest rates, the use of risk-based pricing, etc.

Are you involved in a commercial lending dispute? If so, you should immediately consult with a capable Los Angeles commercial lending attorney. Contact our firm so we can provide a quality legal team to help protect your rights as a commercial borrower!