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Bad Faith Liability Insurance Denial in California

You can think of a business’s general liability insurance as an individual’s health insurance or something that helps cover the costs of recovery after something goes wrong. In some situations, it can be similar to life insurance, as it may help a business owner close up shop without sacrificing too much of their own personal finances. No matter how you look at it, your business not only needs general liability insurance but it also needs an insurance provider that is dependable.

If you have filed a business liability claim with your carrier only to be met with resistance or outright denial, there may be questionable business practices at hand. With our help, we may be able to discover that your insurer is acting out of bad faith and follow through with appropriate legal action. Our Los Angeles business liability insurance attorneys can also help you with initial liability claim filings to minimize your chances of running into opposition from the insurance carrier.

We Also Defend Business Insurance Providers

For every claim of bad faith insurance practices, there is another side of the story that deserves just as much attention. Our business liability insurance lawyer in Los Angeles is well-versed in bad faith insurance claims, from both sides of the conference table or courtroom. If your business has been accused of using bad faith tactics to cheat a customer, you can depend on us to shed light on the matter and defend your right to protect your business from invalid claims, backed by 18+ years of legal experience.

What General Business Liability Insurance Covers

The groundwork of any bad faith insurance claim is what the insurance policy actually covers. Not all policies are the same, and many may be completely unique to the policyholder’s situation. A careful review of all contracts is necessary to get to the bottom of a dispute.

There are some basic coverages that most business liability contracts will include, such as:

  • Medical costs for an injury on business property
  • Expenses for legal defense if a business is sued
  • Repair costs to the property the business is leasing
  • Protecting from claims regarding false advertising, libel, etc.

Evidence to Strengthen Your Business Liability Claim

Whether you have been wrongly denied by your general liability insurance provider, or if you are an insurer being sued by a client you denied, evidence is the key to your success. You cannot rely on mere hearsay or loose interpretations of contracts. You must instead prepare your case as if it is guaranteed to go through litigation.

We can use the following for your case and more:

  • Testimonials from experts in relevant fields
  • Complete reviews of all insurance contracts
  • Investigations into cause of liability claim
  • Application of California Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations

With the ability to be your legal sword or shield, The Mirkhan Law Firm should be your first choice of legal advocacy for your liability insurance denial case.

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