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Understanding How Attorney Mirkhan Can Help

In the course of business transactions, disputes may sometimes arise. While these matters can often be resolved outside of the courtroom through skilled efforts in mediation, arbitration and negotiation, an impasse on how to bring a case to resolution can sometimes require litigation. This may involve a scenario where an individual has a legal dispute with a business or one business has a dispute with another.

In all of these cases, the knowledgeable counsel of a Los Angeless business litigation lawyer is of the utmost importance to protecting your interests, either as a plaintiff or defendant.

Generally speaking, it is almost always more preferable to come to terms or agreement outside of trial. Your attorney can pursue all of these avenues, and his guidance will be critical in these efforts, but will become even more important if a matter must enter the courtroom to be resolved.

The possible scenarios are almost boundless: an investor who has been subjected to financial loss due to unethical behavior, an infringement upon a patent or trademark, matters of insurance law and coverage disputes, breach of fiduciary duty or contract, among many others. Since business litigation can be extremely time-consuming, complex and complicated, having an experienced legal team representing your interests is imperative.

Business Law Practice Areas

If your business is suffering from any of the issues described below, please take some time and read further about them. It would then be a wise idea to contact our firm to initiate legal action geared to restore your rights and protect your interests. Our firm provides superior service to our clients and works tirelessly to bring a rapid resolution to the interference of their rights and success.

Breach of Construction Contracts 
Construction contracts are legally enforceable under the law. When one party has failed to perform their end of the obligation and the other party has performed their duties, then the non-breaching party may be entitled to legal remedies for their losses.

Breach of Contract 
Contracts are an essential business tool to prevent future problems. When they are violated or breached, the problems they were designed to prevent are realized. How do you force someone to honor their commitment?

Business Fraud 
As noted in headlines over the past few decades, there seems to be limitless creativity in devising fraudulent means to conduct business. It is essential to take aggressive action against the dishonest and unscrupulous individuals that are involved in these illegal activities.

Contract Interference 
When there is a conflict between two parties, one can most always find a third party that is subversively eroding the relationship. So it is with interference with contracts.

Corporate Disputes 
Corporate disputes, especially in the form of litigation, are some of the most complicated legal actions, requiring a substantial breadth of knowledge. It is absolutely necessary that a skilled attorney walk through the legal process with you before you jump into such a huge endeavor.

Developer Contracts 
Developer contracts are highly complex instruments that are essential to a smooth and successful completion of large projects involving significant investment of money and resources. When problems arise, it is vital to have knowledgeable legal representation to protect your interests.

Disputes Between Businesses 
Disputes between businesses, just as in life, must be rapidly and effectively dealt with when they arise. The longer they take to resolve, the more harm it does to the business involved.

Fraud and Negligent Misrepresentation 
There was a time when business was successfully conducted on a handshake. These times are long past, and survival in today's business world requires legal protection and willingness to act when products and services are fraudulent and negligently misrepresented.

Fraudulent Transfer Law 
If a business is found guilty of actual or constructive fraud, then its debt may not be discharged. The creditor can further seize the debtor's assets.

Partnership Lawsuits 
When partners disagree on key matters, it is essential to bring about a rapid resolution. The partnership is the source of the business and when it is threatened, so is the business. When litigation is the only answer left for resolution, you need trusted legal counsel.

Trademark Infringement 
Trademarks provide a legal avenue to protect one's intellectual property, name and brand. They also serve the purpose of providing consumers certainty about the source of goods.

Unfair Competition 
Essentially, unfair competition comes about from deceptive or false advertising of products, violation of non-compete agreements and other dishonest practices that erode the fundamental principles of honest business.

Uniform Commercial Code Transactions 
This code governs sales, fund transfers, negotiable instruments, and more. For most of the issues encountered in business law, you can find the pertinent laws in this code. Understanding this law can be crucial for legally conducting any transactions, and knowing this code can help you protect your legal rights.

Our Commitment to Clients 
For more than 18 years, the team of attorneys at The Mirkhan Law Firm has represented individuals in need of litigation representation throughout Southern California.

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No matter what your needs are, The Mirkhan Law Firm is here to serve you during this complicated and difficult time. Our Los Angeles business litigation attorneys are accomplished in business litigation and proud of our record of success representing our clients to resolve all types of business disputes, breach of contract issues and fraudulent dealings.

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