Contract Interference and Business Litigation in California

Another major area of practice that forms a large part of business litigation cases in California is referred to as Contract Interference with a legitimate business operation. Contract Interference occurs when an individual or an entity unlawfully attempts to interfere with the business contracts of another individual or entity. This happens fairly often in the context of business competition when competitors go to extra lengths to achieve their goals and sometimes overstep the boundaries of the law. In some instances, competitors are not even aware that their conduct is unacceptable in the eyes of the law and instead believe that what they are doing is fair game in business competition.

The reality is that the distinction between fair competition and unlawful contract interference is not always clear. Sometimes, this determination becomes complicated and the subject of intense litigation. The complex legal fights between Apple and Samsung are prime examples of the complexity of determining contract interference in business litigation. While each competitor believes that what they are doing is completely legitimate and lawful, the ultimate decision rests with a judge and/or jury.

We believe that business litigation can be a less stressful event if proper legal counsel is utilized at the appropriate time both for taking preventive measures which prevent litigation to occur, and for top class representation when litigation does occur. Contact a Los Angeles Business Litigation Lawyer at The Mirkhan Law Firm to schedule your confidential consultation today. We are here to fight for you and your business.

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