Legal Services for the Los Angeles Construction Industry

Our Los Angeles construction-defect litigation lawyers at The Mirkhan Law Firm provide an array of construction services including contract negotiation and development for medium and large-sized ventures, claims assistance throughout the staging, design, and construction of projects, arbitration, litigation, mediation, lien actions, trial, and appellate services.

The firm is proud to represent a diversity of clients, such as residential and commercial project owners, construction managers, design professionals (i.e. engineers, architects, surveyors), contractors, and subcontractors (including framers, roofers, stucco subs, plumbing subs, sheet metal subs, graders, rebar fabricators and installers, HVAC subs, landscapers, glass/window installers, concrete subs, fire protections subs, and material and equipment suppliers).

The firm offers comprehensive construction law services that encompass the following eight categories:

  1. Continuous Counseling & Advice to design professionals: the firm offers practical guidance regarding any needs and challenges, risks and rewards, and liabilities and duties of each of the parties involved in the construction process, with particular emphasis on design delivery and implementation methods, construction and project financing, and project development.
  1. Litigating Construction cases in State & Federal Courts: the firm provides comprehensive construction legal representation throughout all stages of the litigation process. We represent a variety of clients including residential and commercial project owners, construction managers, design professionals, contractors, and subcontractors in the Superior Court of California through trial and post-trial motions, as well as on appeal. We also represent clients in Federal Court when the dispute is between citizens of different states and the amount in dispute is over $75,000.
  1. Sustainable Design Solutions: The firm actively assists project managers in achieving sustainable design solutions. The firm has extensive knowledge and expertise on the subject of green building standards including LEED, Green Globes, the Living Building Challenge, BREEAM, CASBEE, and the International Green Construction Code. Some of the firm’s attorneys are also LEED Accredited Professionals. In addition, the firm counsels construction owners with green building incentive programs, such as tax credits, tax deductions, financing, and the acquisition of permits and grants.
  1. Construction Contract Review, Negotiation & Drafting: The firm provides advice and assistance to project owners, design professionals, construction managers, contractors, and subcontractors regarding contract negotiation and drafting, and counseling on how to best select the most appropriate project delivery systems such as the traditional design – bid – build, design – build, integrated project delivery. The firm has expertise in the various families of construction documents including the AIA Contract Documents, Consensus Docs, DBIA, EJCDC, and FIDIC.
  1. Financing of the Construction Project: The Mirkhan Law Firm offers guidance to project owners and managers with respect to procuring financing for any possible construction projects. The firm also offers risk assessment and management throughout the planning and execution stages of the project.
  1. Dispute and Conflict Resolution: The firm provides assistance to construction project stakeholders in resolving disputes throughout the duration of the construction process using methods such as mediation as well as non-binding and binding arbitration. The firm’s attorneys have successfully mediated and arbitrated construction disputes via services such as JAMS, Judicate West, AAA, and BBB.
  1. Construction Project Implementation: The firm assists project participants with legal issues that arise for project stakeholders at all stages of the construction execution process and provides practical advice on managing construction risks to minimize unwarranted liabilities.
  1. Mechanic’s Liens, Surety Bonds, Insurance: The firm supports construction project participants with all legal and non-legal options pertaining to insurance coverage and disputes, sureties, mechanics liens, and construction bonds.