The Effect of the Release of Apple iPhone 5 on Business Litigation

The release of the Apple iPhone 5 could have a major impact on Business Litigation for years to come. Business Litigation is often a product of the business environment existing at a particular timeframe. Just like the smartphone business where competitors view each new product as a possible candidate for an Unfair Competition claim, a trend is emerging among most businesses to carefully monitor their competitors' every move and assess its legality. The extensive use of the internet to market products has greatly accelerated business litigation with a focus on online marketing.

Copyright and Trademark violations are also on the rise and the new technological advances has simply fueled these kinds of violations. While the larger corporations have the manpower to constantly keep an eye on their competitors, small business owners lack the resources to properly monitor their competitors. Furthermore, if a violation is found, small businesses lack effective legal representation for protecting their rights.

We at The Mirkhan Law Firm understand the needs of small businesses and the importance of effectively representing them in court. Failure to have proper legal representation can be fatal to a small business in today's business environment. For this reason, we have tailored our legal advocacy with a view to the needs of small businesses. We maintain a cost-effective but highly efficient law firm to serve the needs of the small business owner in today's complex business world. To obtain further information, please contact a Los Angeles Business Litigation Lawyer at the Mirkhan Law Firm.

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