What Defines Unfair Competition?

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The intentional deception of consumers by selling goods with stolen or deceptive trademarks is an example of unfair competition. It deliberately misleads and confuses customers and also harms the legal trademark holder. If your business is suffering because of unfair competition practices by others, you need to get legal representation immediately to take action against the other party. The lawyers from our firm can provide you with helpful counsel to protect your rights and those of your customers.

Causes Leading to Imbalanced Competition

Often times the most common type of unfair competition comes from trademark infringement and breach of contract cases. Litigation can be pursued when another business has been misleading consumers or a former employee has violated signed agreements.

There are various forms of unfair competition, including some from the following list:

  • False advertising
  • Substituting one brand for another without authorization
  • Stealing customers from a business by a former employee
  • Theft of proprietary technology or trade secrets
  • Violation of non-compete agreements
  • Other forms of misrepresentation of products or services

In general, all of these different avenues make it so that competitors cannot play on equal terms. When certain conditions, whether favorable or not, affect some corporations but not others it can cause unfair situations. On some occasions, competitors will also seek to harm the abilities and practices of other businesses just so that they may succeed. The key here is that the success must be a direct result of some illegitimate or illegal action. It does not refer to chance occasions that allow for one business to succeed and not the other.

This is in direct contrast to fair competition which seeks to ensure that all businesses are operating with the same rules and equal competition. Competing in a fair manner helps to prevent certain actions of a business from hurting other businesses in the long run. It deters one group from always gaining while others lose out.

Fighting Against Unethical Practices

It can be difficult to maintain a fair and just environment where honest businesses and corporations can prosper. When the success of a business is interrupted by another's business fraud or misrepresentation in business dealings, it is important for those of us who are honestly making their way in the world to take action against the unethical practices of others. Our firm is dedicated to helping the honest business or corporation to aggressively and effectively take action against those who are attempting to steal from the hard work and efforts of others.

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