Fraud in the context of Business Litigation

Fraud is a generic term that can have multiple meanings in different contexts. To legal professionals, fraud has several meanings depending on the context that is used. For example, a fraudulent activity employed against consumers as a group, is classified as "Consumer Fraud". On the other hand, Fraud in the context of business litigation is generally referred to as "Business Fraud".

The term fraud in the legal context usually refers to some kind of misrepresentation which results in deceiving another person to justifiably rely on the misrepresentation to his or her detriment. In order for the fraud to be legally actionable, the victim must also change position and suffer damages as a result. Business fraud is no different than other kinds of fraud. It occurs in business settings and involves businesspeople. Sometimes partners in a Partnership feel that they have been defrauded by their co-partners. Sometimes fraud occurs within a corporate structure. In other times, fraud might occur in business competition.

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