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California Insurance Law & Insurance Coverage Disputes

There are few among us who do not have some sort of insurance policy, whether it is renters insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, or health insurance. In some cases, insurance coverage is even mandated by law. What happens when a dispute arises between a customer and an insurance provider? Strong legal advocacy and protection of your interests are available from a practiced Los Angeles insurance attorney. You do not have to be afraid of your claim being wrongfully denied by an insurance company who is violating contractually obligated coverage for you and your family.

Until 1944, consumers had no protection from insurance disputes through governmental protection or statutes. The McCarran-Ferguson Act, enacted by the U.S. Congress, provides for federal regulation of interstate insurance transactions, and as upheld by the Supreme Court. Unregulated state insurance issues are covered by the protection of the Sherman Act, Clayton Act, and the Federal Trade Commission Act.

The main goal of insurance is to share an individual's risks with a large pool of people. Premiums are paid into this pool and when losses occur, claims are paid out. While insurers are the guardians of these pools, they are ultimately in the business of profit, not of consumer protection. In the instance of a legitimate claim, an insurer must be held liable for the contract they have entered into with a customer. Let a reliable Los Angeles insurance lawyer from our firm fight to protect your rights if your claim has been denied.

Bad Faith Insurance Denials in California

Often times insurance providers will unfairly deny, delay or underpay their clients. In some instances, they may rush the insured individual into settling a claim without a proper investigation first, resulting in receiving significantly less money than they should. Loopholes like these are used by insurers to save money since they do not make any profit when they have to pay out claims.

This is considered “bad faith” on the part of the insurer. After years of paying the proper premiums as a faithful customer, you deserve the right to receive the money promised to you. Insurance companies may lie about forms, deadlines and other paperwork to make it seem as if you were never covered to begin with or that you did not file certain documents on time. Not only does this cost you unnecessary amounts of time and money, it is illegal. If you believe that your rights are being taken advantage of in any way, you should seek immediate legal recourse.

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It is grossly unfair for someone who has already entered a hard time to be inconvenienced and harmed even further by an insurance dispute. The Mirkhan Law Firm can assist you in seeking the payout or settlement you deserve. Our team is experienced in handling matters of negotiation and litigation. We will pursue all necessary avenues towards getting insurance companies to honor a valid claim. We understand that timing is everything in legal cases and we will work tirelessly to help you achieve your desired results.

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