Los Angeles Construction Disputes Lawyers

Construction Litigation Cases in California

The Mirkhan Law Firm is a knowledgeable and respected Los Angeles construction disputes attorneys experienced in resolving construction disputes. Construction projects can be extremely complicated, especially when they incorporate the work and assistance of numerous contractors and specialists.

Potential construction disputes can break out over a number of issues, including defect claims. However, if disputes are not resolved quickly, they can become very costly and time-consuming. Whether disputes are over work delays, poor quality, defective work, or payment amount, our business lawyers are prepared to help.

The construction industry utilizes a number of different methods to resolve disputes:

  • Step negotiation has the individuals involved seek a resolution by means of direct negotiation
  • A dispute review board of three neutral experts can conduct a hearing on the dispute
  • Mediation by means of an impartial mediator who facilitates communication
  • Arbitration through legal counsel argues before a third party who renders a verdict

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a method used for resolving disputes and is often included in a construction contract. Many courts will also order that cases be subjected to arbitration before they can come to court as a dispute. While similar to a trial, arbitration is less formal and can often be less time consuming and expensive. One or more neutral arbitrators are selected to hear the dispute. Arbitrators can act like a judge, as they hear the case and make a final decision.

Utilizing Mediation Methods for Construction Litigation

Mediation is another means of resolution and can sometimes be court-ordered before a case is brought to trial. As opposed to arbitration, mediation is nothing like a trial but is merely an effort to have both parties reach a mutually acceptable settlement. A mediator is a neutral third party. While they cannot render a decision in the conflict, they offer guidance for out of court dispute resolution.

Let Our Legal Team Help You in Your Construction Dispute

The complexity of construction disputes calls for counsel from an experienced Los Angeles construction disputes attorney. You need a firm who understands the ins and outs of your case and how to defend your rights throughout the entire legal process.

Our Los Angeles construction disputes lawyers can explain your options and provide insight on how to defend your interests. Call our firm today to take the first step in a favorable resolution.