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Disputes Between Businesses

Just about anything that needs to be agreed upon in business can be disputed by one or more parties. Disputes can arise over ownership rights, interference with contracts and a variety of other touchy subjects mostly having to do with money. Incomplete or unclear wording in a contract can result in major contract breaches. Trademarks can be compromised by inner office employees or outside companies that can cause tension. The possibilities for disputes are as extensive as the types of businesses and individuals involved.

Contracts Between Businesses

Contracts are made to form a legal and binding agreement between two parties, which in the business world, it is often between to corporations. Often it defines some sort of action that is required of both companies. When one does not follow through or falsifies information throughout the process, this breaks the contract. Not only does this ruin trust built between the two establishments, it usually terminates the contract and could result in serious litigation. The business at fault will most likely have to pay reparations for their negligence or fraud.

Issues between companies can cause for there to be turmoil and unrest within the separate businesses. Not only will they often cost lots of time and money, but they may result in one of the businesses breaking apart. This could result in numerous jobs lost. It is vital to understand that resolving these types of disputes is not optional and must be tackled immediately.

The degree of complexity that can arise from disputes between two individuals makes it easy to understand how much time and energy is required to resolve corporate disputes. Contracts, a fundamental basis for successful business dealings, can prevent future disputes, but not eliminate them completely. Business fraud is another element that can lead to complex corporate disputes. Often, it is ignorance and lack of foresight that leads to later conflicts.

Ways to Resolve Disputes

Mediation, negotiation and arbitration are often the most effective action to resolve these disputes. Seeking the counsel of a trusted and knowledgeable Los Angeles business dispute attorney to review your unique circumstances and determine the best strategy is critical in these cases. As a legal team, we can advise you how to proceed, based on the specifics of your case. An aggressive and dedicated Los Angeles business dispute lawyer from our business law firm will protect your rights and seek justice on your behalf.

No matter what the cause behind your corporate dispute, our Los Angeles business dispute attorneys are prepared to help you. Having been named the Most Patient Advocate while attending law school, it is evident that Attorney Mirkhan considers the needs of every client who comes to him for help. Our firm is committed to our clients and we seek to create effective remedies for corporate disputes. We are proud of our record of success in this regard. At The Mirkhan Law Firm, we have the resources and know-how to help protect your rights and interests against all forms of opposition.

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