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Uniform Commercial Code Transactions in California

Whether it is regulations about bulk transfers or investment securities, fund transfers or bills of lading, there is one code that sets the guidelines for them all. Vast and complex, the Uniform Commercial Code was created by the United States in the 1940s, and each state has adopted it to differing extents. This code is also followed in Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

When you need to transact business, or you run into a dispute, the pertinent laws should be found in this code. You need to be sure that you are acting in accordance with these laws. An experienced Los Angeles business transactions attorney can help you understand the right course to take in any circumstance. With our firm, we can also ensure that your rights are being protected in any transaction or contract.

What the Uniform Commercial Code Regulates

As a general overview, the Uniform Commercial Code addresses legislation for each of the following areas of commercial law:

  • Sale of goods
  • Leases of goods
  • Negotiable instruments (commercial paper)
  • Bank deposits
  • Bank money transfers
  • Transactions with letters of credit
  • Warehouse receipts, bills of lading, and other documents of title
  • Secured transactions

These guidelines state which agreements are legally binding only if they are signed, govern when there are implied warranties, and fully detail promissory notes and drafts. In this code, you can find who is supposed to assume the risk when goods are lost in transit and the full ramifications of a breach of contract. When you have any questions about commercial and sale transactions, an experienced Los Angeles business transactions lawyer can help you find answers in this code.

The Uniform Commercial Code is a vital legal resource. It can help you ensure that you are following legal procedures, and that your rights are not being violated by other entities. Unfortunately, this code is comparable to the tax code. It is important, but labyrinthine, written in specialized language. It would be indispensable to the interests of your company to retain a business transactions lawyer who is well-versed in this code. At our firm, you will further find a business transactions attorney who is dedicated to pursuing the best interests of the client.

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