Los Angeles Life Insurance Denial Attorney

Bad Faith Life Insurance Denial in California

By paying regular monthly or yearly premiums in exchange for life insurance coverage, one ensures that their loved ones or beneficiaries will receive a lump-sum payment, sometimes called a death benefit, upon their passing. While this might seem simple in concept, it can become complicated in contract and practice. Dishonest insurance companies may rely on this obscurity and complexity to deny reasonable life insurance claims for unreasonable motives.

At The Mirkhan Law Firm, our Los Angeles life insurance denial lawyer can represent clients from all walks of life and protect their rights as an honest customer after their life insurance providers deny, reduce, or otherwise tamper with their death benefit amount. With more than 18 years of experience taking on complex litigation, insurance litigation, and business litigation cases, there can be nothing that surprises our team of legal professionals.

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Purpose and Benefits of Life Insurance Agreements

A proper life insurance policy will give the family of the decedent financial coverage for expenses usually related to the passing of a loved one. This relief not only affords them peace of mind but also an important sense of closure, which relays that the decedent has done what they can to care for them.

A death benefit sum will usually be able to help pay for:

  • Final medical requirements of the decedent
  • Burial preparations
  • Funeral expenses
  • Outstanding debt
  • Cost of probate (if applicable)

When the company that was providing the decedent’s life insurance policy does not hold up their end of the bargain, all of these expenses fall upon the family unexpectedly. The abrupt burden can feel like an insult to injury after a loved one passes away. Our Los Angeles life insurance denial attorney is driven to do all within his power to defend the rights and uphold the expectations of his clients, allowing them to find comfort after a personal loss.

Piecing Together Your Case from Top to Bottom

Life insurance companies are intricate and thorough, keeping and organizing records that date back years and years. In order to compete with an organization with that level of preparation, you must meet their standards and go beyond them. This is our goal at The Mirkhan Law Firm, and we deliver by remaining just as systematic and detailed as the opposition, if not more so. When creating your case to defend your life insurance claim, we can reanalyze the life insurance contract for coverage specifics or mistakes, review the specifics of your loved one’s passing as it may pertain to the contract, and even reach out to third-party specialists, experts, and doctors for testimonials and insight.

Help with Life Insurance Litigation in California

When a life insurance company tries to save costs by intentionally paying out smaller sums to their customers’ families, they are doing more than just tarnishing their reputation, they are violating their contracts. Such an affront to a business contract or customer-provider relationship is liable to be countered with a lawsuit.

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