Los Angeles Corporate Dispute Lawyer

Assistance with Effective Corporate Lawsuits in California

If you are involved in a corporate dispute with a partner, shareholder, officer, vendor, competitor or former employee, the choice you make for your legal representation will often determine the outcome of your case. Our Los Angeles corporate dispute attorneys from The Mirkhan Law Firm is accomplished at addressing all types of corporate and partnership lawsuits.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with superior service and professional counsel in corporate disputes. These kinds of corporate lawsuits are usually very complex in nature. A mistake or misstep by your business lawyer can be very costly. You need Los Angeles corporate dispute attorneys that are experienced and knowledgeable with corporate law and that litigate your case with professional skill.

There are a wide range of situations that can bring about corporate lawsuits including trademark infringement, employee disputes, business fraud, and breach of contract issues. Issues involving the violation rights associated with a trademark can be sticky and complicated. Many times an individual within the company may attempt to copy a corporate slogan or logo for their own use, but claim that it has minor differences so it does infringe upon trademark laws. There can be even just simple conflicts between boss and employee or shareholders that cause there to be tension within the company. Depending on the topic of dissension, this can turn into a full-scale litigation.

If it is discovered that there is fraudulent action going on within the corporation, the individual or group that is falling victim to the illegal action may pursue legal action. Fraud can include misrepresenting details about the company's standing, being dishonest with finances and pocketing certain money. Breaking the business contract by not performing certain duties or paying necessary funds can result in a major shift for the company. This change will often become dire if the rest of the company is not on board with it. 

When dealing with these kinds of differences, it is a wise idea to contact a Los Angeles corporate dispute lawyer and obtain outside help that can mediate or help your case in court.

Looking at Our Firm's Success

Our Southern California business law firm has prevailed in lawsuits against Fortune 500 companies and won the case when opposed by some the most prestigious law firms in the country. You need this level of experience on your side with today's corporate climate of greed, dishonesty and unethical practices in many lawsuit situations. Corporate disputes must be handled quickly in order for progress and growth to continue.

When these types of issues come to the table, it is essential to deal with them rapidly and effectively. If unresolved or dragged on without resolution, they can destroy a business and its prosperity. Our Los Angeles corporate dispute lawyers are concerned and professional in our approach by assisting our clients with some of the fastest and most effective resolutions to corporate disputes.

We have helped others to resolve these important legal issues successfully. No matter what legal problem you have encountered in your corporation, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your lawsuit or dispute. As your legal advocate, we can aggressively seek justice on your behalf. Our exceptional Los Angeles corporate dispute attorney is prepared to serve you.