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Qualified Bad Faith Health Insurance Representation in CA

Bad faith health insurance claims can be filed by a claimant who believes their coverage was denied on unreasonable grounds. When upheld, such claims can mandate costly damages far beyond the value of the denied benefits. The potentially devastating nature of bad faith cases makes it imperative that insurance companies hire a knowledgeable defense upon receiving notice of a lawsuit.

We at The Mirkhan Law Firm have led clients to favorable outcomes in a number of cases. Our Los Angeles bad faith health insurance attorney has over 18 years of experience in various areas of law. We offer dedicated defense for each of our clients and can review your case today.

Defending Your Health Insurance Denial in California

If our team decides to take on your case, our Los Angeles bad faith health insurance lawyers can work to establish the validity of your insurance denial.

We may use any of the following in your defense:

  • Expert opinions
  • Documentation and other paperwork related to the denial
  • Evidence that the insurance in question is not necessary
  • Terms of the plaintiff's coverage contract
  • Testimonials from doctors and specialists

These are among the many types of evidence our firm may use in pursuing the dismissal of a bad faith claim. If our legal team can demonstrate that your company issued a denial in accordance with the California Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations, the charges held against you, your business or your assets are likely to be dismissed.

Denied health coverage in Los Angeles? Let us fight for you!

When a health insurance company unreasonably denies a health claim, a person's well-being, livelihood, and even life may be at stake. At The Mirkhan Law Firm, we know what it takes to stand up to health insurance companies when they deny relief to their customers.

Our firm knows how to fight back against big insurance companies who do not live up to their contractual obligations. If your health insurer is denying your claim, call us today so we can take action on your behalf.

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Bad faith claims can have huge financial repercussions, and require the defense offered by a knowledgeable insurance claim lawyer. Our Los Angeles bad faith health insurance attorneys have provided satisfactory service to clients throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. We are proud to continue offering this top-quality service to every client we take on, even in the toughest cases. If you're filing a claim against your health insurer or are accused of providing inadequate coverage, get in touch with our firm.

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