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If you are dealing with a complicated business matter, you may feel like you have nowhere to turn. Often business issues can become difficult to handle and you may be unable to sort through the mess of allegations and claims on your own. Instead, maybe you need the assistance and help of business litigation professional; at The Mirkhan Law Firm. At this establishment, lawyers are willing to help you with your corporate disputes, any trademark infringement allegations or unfair competition complaints. As well, lawyers at this firm can defend your company if you are being charged with a credit card lawsuit or if you have been accused of malpractice by a collection agency. The attorneys at this firm also deal with banking law and can handle fraud or negligent misrepresentation issues.

The Mirkhan Law Firm is focused on representing clients with professionalism and hard work. Attorney Mehrshad Mirkhan has 14 years of experience and is licensed to practice law in the state of California. He is a member of the California State Bar, the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the US District Court for the Southern District of California, and the Car Association of Northern San Diego. As well, he is a member of the US Court of Appeals for Ninth Circuit. Attorney Mirkhan graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1995 and then attended the University of Pacific McGeorge School of Law to obtain his law degree. He graduated from her in 1998, ready to aid his peers by helping them in their business interactions and legal issues.

Attorney Mirkhan has been recognized by a variety organization and has received to awards as a result. He is the recipient of the Commitment to Clients award and the Most Patient Advocate award because he practicing so much patience and kindness with his clients. He truly wants to help and doesn’t mind taking his time when working with clients. Attorney Mirkhan has been operating his private practice ever since he graduated from law school. Right after he received his degree, he wanted to start helping the citizens of California using his own methods. At so many firms, it is all about the money. Attorney Mirkhan understands that it is really all about the clients. He wants to make sure that he serves his clients to the best of his ability, which is why he started his own firm right away. That way, he can work on developer contract cases or litigate in business fraud issues without having to worry about answering to an authority that is focused on the money.

Attorney Mirkhan and his staff have a wide understanding of business s litigation law. Oftentimes, business law can get very complicated. It is important to have a seasoned professional who understands the laws and the implications of these laws on your specific case. At The Mirkhan Law Firm, the attorneys understand that you are in a difficult place and they want to help you by providing the clarity and wisdom that you need. If you need help with a breach of contract issue or a personal injury claim, then you need to ask the firm for help. As well, The Mirkhan Law Firm can handle any disputes between businesses or deal with insurance law and coverage arguments. There are also times that employees may act in violation of their contract and subsequently end up in a difficult situation. If a company believes that their employees are out of line, they may need to hire lawyers to back them up. You may also need a lawyer if you are dealing with a breach of construction contract issue. Maybe you are in the midst of an unfair competition, or realize that one of your coworkers committed contract interference.

No matter what your situation, you can trust on The Mirkhan Law Firm. The attorneys at this firm believe that legal cases are a lot like chess games. Each and every move has significant impact on the final outcome, and winners only make calculated and well thought out choices. At The Mirkhan Law Firm, the staff and attorneys have a commitment that they will make to you. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services that they can and doing this by being your personal friend and devotee throughout the entire legal process. The attorneys at the firm are committed and passionate. They have represented hundreds of individuals and each time they handle the case uniquely. In fact, Mehrshad Mirkhan has taken on cases involving Fortune 500 companies and successfully proven his cases. He has also worked with the nation’s largest credit card company on a case.

The firm will give you one-on-one service with your attorney, and will devote their 11 years of experience to your case. They will also try to pursue your case with the type of personalized approach that you deserve, The attorneys at this firm are held to the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics, and they will try to uphold that standard when working with you. If you are a consumer or an individual who was harmed in an accident related to a product or company, or were hurt in an on-the-job injury, then the firm can help you as well. The firm will help any businesses or harmed individuals in the Southern California region. You can contact the firm by calling (877) 405-1971.

The firm has a main office located at 1801 Century Part East Los Angeles, CA 90067. If you live further south, then you can check out the firm’s San Diego office and meet with an attorney or staff member there. This office is located at 11622 El Camino Real #100 San Diego, CA 92130. If you want to learn more about this firm, then you can explore their profiles on a variety of different directories. Read about The Mirkhan Law Firm on Insider Pages, Lawyer Central and Kudzu. As well, you can look the firm up on Yelp and Yahoo Local.

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