Banking Law in the context of Business Litigation

Banking law concerns the specific regulations and protocols designed to regulate and control banking in the United States. However, when banks deal with businesses and in the course of their dealings with businesses a dispute arises, banking law and business litigation intersect.

In the United States, banks are regulated both at the federal and state level. However, banks are private institutions that not only provide an important public service, but also are in business to make a profit like any other business operation. Since banks are private entities, and operate similar to a private business, they can make major business mistakes, engage in unfair competition, and breach their obligations. In more extreme cases, banks can pursue defined goals with improper motive. Under these circumstances, the legal system steps in to prevent abusive behavior, control improper conduct, and punish the wrongdoer. The maxim that no one is above the law, is equally applicable to banks and bank-related institutions.

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