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  • Breach of Contract: Now What?

    Posted By The Mirkhan Law Firm || 12-Jan-2015

    Business contracts are fundamental to the success of a company. You expect the other party to fulfill their obligations and they expect you to fulfill yours. Unfortunately, these contracts don't always have the happiest ending. If any part of the contract is broken, it means that a breach has occurred and legal action should be taken. To maximize the effectiveness of the action you take, ...
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  • Breach of Contract in the Context of Business Litigation

    Posted By Los Angeles Civil Litigation Attorney || 2-Sep-2012

    Almost all Business Litigation cases have a tendency to involve a breach of contract issue. Accordingly, Contract law plays an extremely important role in Business Litigation. Businesses operate under their contract with different entities and in a business environment, contracts are the documents that define the scope and range of proper conduct. The majority of business disputes also arise when ...
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