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  • How a Banking Lawyer Can Help with Your Banking Dispute

    Posted By The Mirkhan Law Firm || 27-Jul-2016

    Any business or corporation that intends to expand its brand or grow its market share must, at one point or another, begin to concern itself with its financial institution in more detail. Rather than working with a bank solely to handle your transactions, whether your business is selling or buying, you may need to rely on your bank to also provide commercial loans, in-depth financial analyses, and ...
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  • Facing a Bank Lawsuit? Take Action Today

    Posted By Mehrshad Mirkhan || 11-Mar-2015

    As a business, the last thing you may be concerned about is getting sued by a bank. But when it does happen, it is easy to immediately fall into despair and confusion. Take heart – there may be an effective way to protect yourself and the future of your company. It all starts with retaining aggressive legal representation. Banks are without question one of the most powerful entities in the ...
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  • National Banking Associations and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

    Posted By Los Angeles Civil Litigation Attorney || 2-May-2013

    In 1864, the National Bank Act of 1864 was enacted which created a system of national charters for national banks in the United States. The primary purpose of the law was to establish a uniform banking system throughout the United States. It established the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency ("OCC"), as part of the Department of Treasury. Currently, the OCC charters, regulates, ...
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  • Banking Law in the context of Business Litigation

    Posted By Los Angeles Civil Litigation Attorney || 28-Sep-2012

    Banking law concerns the specific regulations and protocols designed to regulate and control banking in the United States. However, when banks deal with businesses and in the course of their dealings with businesses a dispute arises, banking law and business litigation intersect. In the United States, banks are regulated both at the federal and state level. However, banks are private institutions ...
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