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  • Fraud in the context of Business Litigation

    Posted By Los Angeles Civil Litigation Attorney || 23-Oct-2012

    Fraud is a generic term that can have multiple meanings in different contexts. To legal professionals, fraud has several meanings depending on the context that is used. For example, a fraudulent activity employed against consumers as a group, is classified as "Consumer Fraud". On the other hand, Fraud in the context of business litigation is generally referred to as "Business ...
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  • Why you need a Business Litigation Lawyer

    Posted By Los Angeles Civil Litigation Attorney || 10-Oct-2012

    Business Litigation Lawyers primarily concentrate their practice in the area of Business disputes. But the main question that many business owners fail to correctly answer, concerns the purpose and role of business litigation lawyers. Indeed, this relatively simple question might be more difficult to answer than its appearance suggests. For many business owners, the first thought that comes to ...
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  • Banking Law in the context of Business Litigation

    Posted By Los Angeles Civil Litigation Attorney || 28-Sep-2012

    Banking law concerns the specific regulations and protocols designed to regulate and control banking in the United States. However, when banks deal with businesses and in the course of their dealings with businesses a dispute arises, banking law and business litigation intersect. In the United States, banks are regulated both at the federal and state level. However, banks are private institutions ...
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  • The Effect of the Release of Apple iPhone 5 on Business Litigation

    Posted By Los Angeles Civil Litigation Attorney || 17-Sep-2012

    The release of the Apple iPhone 5 could have a major impact on Business Litigation for years to come. Business Litigation is often a product of the business environment existing at a particular timeframe. Just like the smartphone business where competitors view each new product as a possible candidate for an Unfair Competition claim, a trend is emerging among most businesses to carefully monitor ...
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  • Contract Interference and Business Litigation in California

    Posted By Los Angeles Civil Litigation Attorney || 9-Sep-2012

    Another major area of practice that forms a large part of business litigation cases in California is referred to as Contract Interference with a legitimate business operation. Contract Interference occurs when an individual or an entity unlawfully attempts to interfere with the business contracts of another individual or entity. This happens fairly often in the context of business competition when ...
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